BNB Greenfield validator & SP application: FBG Capital

Core Information:
Name: Gary Gao
Affiliated organization: FBG Capital
Region of Operation: North America, Asia
social media:


  1. Founded in 2017, FBG Capital is Asia’s leading digital asset management and investment firm.
  2. We invested many decentralized storage projects from 2020. For example, we have data centers setup in North America, Singapore and South Korea for Filecoin (600 PiB storage totally).


  1. We believe decentralized storage is the most important track for Web3. We will keep investing on this field.
  2. We want to engage the Greenfield ecosystem deeply, including validator governance, storage provider, tools and dApp.

Online GreenField Website:


Proposal Message:

Hello, @FBG Capital, as the team will reset the Greenfield Testnet on 12th May and open 2 more seats for community validators. Please resubmit the proposal after that. Thanks for your understanding.

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Thanks for the reminder, I’ll keep submitting proposals until passed

Latest Proposal Message: