BNB Greenfield validator & SP application: HashQuark

Core Information

Organization Name: HashQuark
Markets: Asia, Europe, and North America
Social Media:


HashQuark is the world’s leading Web3 infrastructure provider.
We provide full-stack infrastructure services, including node validation, rewards reporting, risk protection, advanced APIs, etc. We offer enterprise-level validation services for 40+ mainstream public chains. We cover markets in Asia, Europe, and North America, and are a core member of the HashKey Group.


HashQuark can uniquely contribute to Greenfield by leveraging its expertise as a blockchain infrastructure and service provider. But combining infrastructure support and operations with community growth and adoption efforts will drive the most significant, lasting success in establishing a vibrant decentralized storage ecosystem on Greenfield.

Validator address: 0x85D6f557FDa69b14190a7a6f199086708e708f83, 1000 BNB
SP funding address: 0x2dCF9495c23171cf8775b158b6c3956993C3864A, 1000 BNB