BNB Greenfield validator & SP application: StakingCabin

Core Information

Organization Name: StakingCabin
Organization Size: 5~10
Organization Location: Around the globe
Experience: Over 5 years.


StakingCabin (, is a dedicated infrastructure and validator
service provider committed to delivering reliable and secure solutions for various PoS
blockchain networks.

With several years of experience in providing validator & staking services,
StakingCabin has established itself as a trusted partner for over 50 networks since our
inception in 2020. We take pride in our recent participation, particularly with the
Move-based blockchains Aptos and Sui, as well as Cosmos-based L1 Coreum, Sei and
Celestia among many others. Our primary goal is to contribute to the growth and
development of the blockchain ecosystem as a whole by offering a comprehensive suite of

With a proven track record of delivering exceptional results, we consistently achieve
an uptime of no less than 99% on all protocols that we provide validator service. Our
team excels in swiftly and efficiently deploying various nodes, placing a strong emphasis on
ensuring their functionality and stability.

StakingCabin would love to become a part of the BNB Greenfield community and
contribute to network security and decentralization. We share BNB Greenfield’s vision of
providing reliable and secure storage solutions. Leveraging our expertise, we are eager to
work with the BNB Greenfield community to enhance the ecosystem and drive its success
in the storage sector.

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Thank you, for your comprehensive proposal. We’re excited about the possibilities of our partnership and look forward to working with you! I’ve contacted you via PM

Hi @ArnoB Thanks for the message. Replied your PM.