BNB Greenfield validator & SP application: Materia Logic

Core Information:
Name: Mick Liu
Affiliated organization: materia logic
Region of Operation: Asia
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Infrastructure location

Years of experience:
Materia Logic is a cloud solutions company providing comprehensive services enabling enterprises to accelerate their growth through cloud transformation and modernization. Our team of multi-cloud experts is always ready to assist your IT team to succeed. Our services include cloud strategy, migration, optimization, and managed services. With our modernized cloud management, our cost-effective platform allows you to reduce costs and pay using fiat or digital assets. Materia Logic is committed to continuously developing and supporting emerging technologies. To date, we have helped high-tech, gaming, media, retail, web3, and e-commerce companies in China and abroad fully leverage the advantages of the cloud and accelerate their business growth. Materia Logic’s goal is to become the largest cloud service provider in the Asia-Pacific region, helping enterprises maximize cloud efficiency and scalability.

What kind of hardware do you run? Baremetal, cloud-based…? In what geographic regions?
Our data center in Asia:
Deploying the SP environment based on Alibaba Cloud ACK+OSS
Node specifications are 2x (24-core CPU, 96GB memory), with unlimited storage space on Alibaba Cloud OSS

We are steadfast in our belief that decentralized storage stands as the cornerstone for the Web3 revolution. Recognizing its significance, our commitment is not merely ephemeral; we are dedicated to consistently investing and expanding our expertise in this domain.

Our aspirations extend beyond mere participation. We are determined to immerse ourselves in the Greenfield ecosystem holistically, encompassing facets from validator governance to storage provider roles. This profound engagement showcases our intent, not just to be a part of the ecosystem but to actively contribute, shape, and steer its trajectory.

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