Delegation requests for Greenfield candidates

Since there’s no thread for the topic, I’ll create one.

The reason why it is created is that in order to participate in Greenfield Testnet as a validator / storage provider, you have to have 1000 BNB when creating proposals. The existing faucet is good (better than nothing), but it only gives 0.1 BNB every 24 hours – you’ll need roughly 27 years (!!!) to get the amount needed, which is impossible for a single candidate who wants to support the infrastructure by running the node or storage provider.

The thread is for candidates to request funds for such proposals and to provide details / motivation on why they should be included.

Source: message from Discord


I start first :smile:

I’m from “MultVR” team, we’re enthusiastic about Web3 infrastructure & blockchain space, in general, discovering new use cases for crypto & testing its capabilities.

We took part (and are still participating**!**) in various testnets based on different consensus protocols (Proof-of-Work, Proof-of-Stake, Proof-of-Credibility, Proof-of-Capacity etc), and we have our nodes in mainnets (Lambda, Minima).

We provide detailed guides & tutorials about projects we are considering worth looking into, we research & share information regarding new stuff coming up via YouTube, Discord, Medium, Twitter in a fun & straightforward way - in different languages, too!

As a company, we’re still learning about blockchain tech and we are really curious about Greenfield as a new & innovative decentralized storage platform we want to become a part of!


Links: Mult VR Team | Twitter | Linktree


Thanks, will contact you via PM

Hello, we are the w3coins team.

We are the validators of major projects such as:

  • Cosmos Hub
  • Oasis Network
  • Injective
  • Avalanche
  • Band Protocol
  • Nym
  • IRISnet
  • Secret Network
  • Akash Network
  • Regen
  • Umee

In addition, we validate many test networks and actively maintain our social networks, where we regularly post news about the projects we work with. We’d be happy to participate and contribute to the development of the Greenfield project.

Hello from kjnodes Team!

We are POS Validator trusted by more than 4000 delegators and securing more than 2M$ in user funds across Cosmos universe. Active ecosystem contributor, IBC relayer and chain service provider since 2021. We specialize in providing secure and reliable infrastructure for Cosmos projects. Currently we support 45 chain from which 16 are mainnets. We use our own ansible playbooks as our infrastructure orchestration tool. So our validator infrastructure is highly templated and is always ready to be re-deployed in no time.

Our services include base tools for validators like daily snapshots, state-sync and peering services. Chain tools for GreenField that our team provides can be found at BNB Greenfield - kjnodes | Chain services

In addition we are running IBC relayer service doing more than 50k transactions per month between chains we are operating in as validators.

Our portfolio can be found on our website at

We would love to join GreenField as a chain validator, contribute our services and help to test the network


Have you applied for approval

Where can we do it ?

Hello, we are a private team doing storage projects, we have participated in crust network, filcoin, stratos, chia storage projects, and are also ranked high in them, we have about 500 storage machines for scheduling, currently looking for some new storage projects in the market for community contribution. Since we have done very little application work, I can follow up with some additional information if needed.