Tech Community Call #6

BNB Chain Tech Community Call: Deep Dive into Latest BEPs and Greenfield Solution

Join us for a detailed discussion revolving around some latest BEPs and the significance of the Greenfield solution within the BNB Ecosystem.

Proposed Agenda:

Introduction and Welcome

  • Brief overview of the call’s objectives and expected outcomes.

Discussion on Latest BEPs

  1. BEP Segmented History Data Maintenance : link
  • Introduction and overview of the proposal.
  • Addressing the increasing history data storage challenge on BSC for full nodes.
  • Benefits of maintaining a limited range of blocks.
  1. BNB Chain Fusion & BNB Beacon Chain : link
  • Historical significance of the BNB Beacon Chain in the BNB ecosystem genesis.
  • Challenges and complexities of the rapid evolution of BNB Smart Chain and Layer 2 solutions like OpBNB.
  • Strategic implications for the BNB Ecosystem’s future growth.

Greenfield Solution Deep Dive

  1. Highlight Testnet to Mainnet
  2. Key use cases and Greenfield feature leverage

Wishlist Highlight : link

  • Overview of the available wishlist for developers.

By diving into these areas, our community will further understand the newest developments and opportunities within the BNB Ecosystem.

Date: 17 October
Estimate Starting Time: 2PM UTC
Link: [tbd]

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