BNB Chain : BNB Beacon Chain Fusion[Update]

Proposal for BNB Chain Fusion

BNB Beacon Chain is part of the genesis of the BNB ecosystem, setting the foundational infrastructure for the innovations and functionalities that followed within the BNB Ecosystem space. However, the technological landscape has been transformed with the emergence and rapid evolution of the BNB Smart Chain and advanced Layer 2 solutions such as OpBNB based on Op Stack. BSC offers high throughput, speed, and programmability that far outpace the capabilities of the BNB Beacon Chain. Maintaining the BNB Beacon Chain while focusing on BNB Ecosystem growth introduces strategic, technical, and operational complexities that divert the BNB community’s essential resources and focus. As part of BNB Beacon Chain Fusion, two important proposals are proposed:

Both BEPs aims to speed up the Beacon Chain Fusion.


Also, highlighting that the timeline for Fusion is tentatively Q2 Y2024. Stay tuned for more updates.