Tech Community Call #3

BNB Greenfield Workshop: Exploring the Initial Test Phase

Join us for a collaborative workshop around BNB Greenfield. Where we are going to explore the initial test phase!

In this interactive call, we will dive into the initial test phase of the BNB Greenfield blockchain. We have invited a few projects currently building on BNB Greenfield to share their experiences, insights, and feedback to facilitate a collaborative discussion and help further improve the platform.

During the call, we will cover the following topics:

  • Greenfield Architecture: A comprehensive overview of the BNB Greenfield blockchain architecture, highlighting its unique design elements and specifically on the Storage Provider role.

  • Payment flow and Token Economics: An in-depth analysis of the BNB Greenfield payment flow, including gas fees, revenue sharing, and the payment model.

  • Use Cases and Limitations: A showcase of the various projects building on BNB Greenfield, highlighting their specific use cases and discussing potential limitations or challenges they have encountered during the initial test phase.

  • Open Discussion and Feedback: An opportunity for the participating projects to share their experiences, ask questions, and provide feedback on the initial test phase of BNB Greenfield. This session aims to foster open dialogue and collaboration, helping the BNB Greenfield team gather valuable insights to improve the platform further.

We are excited to have you all here to explore the initial test phase of BNB Greenfield, learn from each other’s experiences, and work together to build a more robust and scalable blockchain platform for the future.

Proposed Agenda:

  • Introduction:

    • Welcome and introductions of speakers
    • Overview of the BNB Greenfield purpose and goals
  • BNB Greenfield Architecture

    • A brief explanation of BNB Greenfield’s decentralized architecture
    • Integration with BNB Smart Chain (BSC)
    • Storage Provider and its role in BNB Greenfield
  • Payment Flow

    • Overview of BNB Greenfield’s payment model
    • Comparisons with traditional cloud storage providers
    • Discussion on the cost-effectiveness and benefits of using BNB Greenfield
    • Payment by file owner
    • Payment by accessing user through BSC
  • Possible Use-Cases

    • Showcase of projects already building on BNB Greenfield
      • zkBridge/Polyhedra
      • dCellar
  • Exploration of various potential use cases, including decentralized storage, digital publishing, user-generated content, personal data markets, and token-curated registries

    • Dropbox (file sharing)
    • Spotify (monetisation)
    • Starboard (Data Markets)
    • Data Availability layer [multi-chain]
  • Not Possible Use-Cases and Limitations

    • Discussion of use cases that BNB Greenfield might not be suitable for
    • Current limitations, such as anti-piracy and data privacy concerns
  • Open Discussion: Initial Test Phase Experience

    • Invited projects share their experiences and challenges during the initial test phase
    • Best practices and lessons learned from the current test phase
    • Suggestions for improvements and enhancements to the BNB Greenfield platform
    • Closing Remarks

Date : April. 28th, Friday
Estimate Starting Time : 1PM UTC