Tech Community Call #5

BNB Ecosystem Technical Community Call: Focus on MEV Update, Security Initiatives, and Roadmap Update

Join us for an engaging workshop around the latest technical update on the BNB Ecosystem, where we will focus on the MEV update within the BNB Smart Network, Security initiatives, and an overview of the general roadmap for the BNB Ecosystem.

Proposed Agenda:

  • Session on MEV Update within the BNB Smart Network

    • In this section, we will delve into:
      • MEV Principal/Guideline Update:
        • Discussion around the updated MEV guidelines
        • Analysis of the changes and their implications on the network
      • Technical Integration Update:
        • Explanation of the technical updates on MEV integration within BNB Smart Network
        • Review of the changes and the benefits they bring
      • Initial Phase Result:
        • Sharing insights from the initial phase results
        • Discussion on the successes and challenges encountered
  • Security Initiatives Update

    • This part will center on the latest security initiatives within the BNB Ecosystem:
      • Overview of Security Initiatives:
        • Brief on the recently launched initiatives
        • How they contribute to the overall security of the BNB Smart Network
      • Security on BNB Smart Chain Network:
        • Discussion around security measures on the BNB Smart Chain network
        • Assessment of the current security status and future plans
  • General Roadmap Update for the BNB Ecosystem

    • In the final part, we will discuss the general roadmap for the BNB Ecosystem:
      • Overview of the current status of the roadmap
      • Discussion on the upcoming milestones

To wrap up the meeting, we will have a recap of key points and an open forum for attendees to ask questions, share their insights, and engage in a meaningful discussion about the covered topics.

By discussing these areas, our community will continue to deepen its understanding of the latest advancements within the BNB Ecosystem

Date: TBD
Estimate Starting Time: 2PM UTC
Link: TBD