Tech Community Call #4

Specifically focus on Fast Finality mechanism, the new Greenfield Mekong Testnet, and updates on BSC Multi-chain strategy.

Join us for a collaborative workshop around the latest technical update on BNB Ecosystem. Where we are going to deep dive into the initial test phase of the Fast Finality and discuss about the latest technical update within BNB Ecosystem.

Proposed Agenda:

  • Session on Fast Finality Mechanism
    • In this section, we will dissect the Fast Finality mechanism. We will elaborate on:
    • Validator vote rules and their implications
    • Aggregation of votes for attestation
    • The conceptualisation of the longest chain
    • The fast finality rule and its significance for block finalization
    • Scenario analysis with and without forks

Our attention will then shift to the latest BSC Greenfield Mekong Testnet developments. This session will explore

  • Overview of Greenfield Mekong Testnet
    • The transition from the Greenfield BSC Testnet (Chain ID: 5601) to the BSC Chapel Testnet (Chain ID: 97)
    • Changes in the Greenfield Blockchain gRPC Endpoint
    • Discussion on data storage and account balances;
    • Understanding the enhanced features introduced in the Greenfield Blockchain v0.2.1 and Storage Provider v0.2.1
    • The implications of discontinuing the object and stale permission Garbage Collection (GC)

Finally We’ll delve into the intricacies of L2 and how they’ve become the cornerstone of blockchain scalability. This session will include

  • BSC Multi-chain Strategy Updates:

    • ZkBNB MPC Procedure:
      • Understanding the MPC ceremony for zkBNB and its importance in ensuring system security
    • OpBNB Testnet News;
      • What it means?
      • How to join the testnet?
  • Current MEV Status within BSC.

To conclude the meeting, there will be a quick recap of key points, acknowledgments, and an open forum for attendees to ask questions, share their insights, and engage in a meaningful discourse on the covered topics

By exploring these subjects, our community will continue to deepen its understanding of the latest advancements within BNB Ecosystem, and we look forward to stimulating, insightful discussions.

Date : May. 31th, Wednesday
Estimate Starting Time : 1PM UTC
Link: TBD