Tech Community Call #2

BNB Chain Tech Community Call #2

Dear BNB Chain community & contributors!

The second BNB Chain Tech Community Call is coming.

Join us for a collaborative workshop to explore MEV implementation on BSC, its impact on validator rewards, strategies to optimize rewards and infrastructure, and the latest proposal for adopting a lower transaction fee cost on BSC to enhance competitiveness and attract new users. Together, we’ll discuss the challenges and opportunities presented by these changes and their potential effects on the BSC ecosystem.

Proposed Agenda:

  • Introduction:

    • Welcome and introductions of speakers
    • Briefly discuss the importance of MEV on BSC and its potential impact on validator rewards
  • MEV Implementation on BSC:

    • Overview of MEV and its significance in the blockchain ecosystem
    • Current state of MEV on BSC and its adoption by some validator
    • Challenges and opportunities in implementing MEV on BSC
      • Potential MEV extraction strategies on BSC
      • Necessary infrastructure modifications for MEV implementation
    • Open discussion: Sharing experiences, concerns, and ideas for MEV implementation on BSC
      • MEV infrastructure providers’ insights
      • Addressing questions and concerns from participants
  • Validator Rewards Impact on BSC

    • Current state of validator rewards on BSC
    • Expected changes in validator rewards after MEV implementation
      • Redistribution of rewards among relayer, validators and delegators
      • Potential effects on the BSC ecosystem and its stakeholders
    • Strategies for optimizing validator rewards post-MEV implementation
    • Open discussion: Assessing the impact of MEV on validator rewards and exploring possible adaptations
      • Validators’ experiences and expectations
      • Infrastructure providers’ input on optimizing rewards
      • Addressing questions and concerns from participants
  • Conclusion

    • Key points and insights from the workshop discussions
    • Identify potential collaboration opportunities and future actions

Date : March. 31th, Friday
Estimate Starting Time : 2PM UTC
Link: Tech Community Call #2 - MEV Implementation and Validator Rewards - YouTube

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Live in 13 hours i cant wait. :rocket:

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