Dora Factory – Public Goods Staking Proposal

Dora Factory is proposing a Public Goods Staking “PGS” Validator for BNB Chain.


Public Goods Staking, or PGS, is a Dora Factory innovation wherein validator rewards get funneled back into the ecosystem rather than extracted as a typical validator commission. A PGS validator uses 70% of the commission fees to sponsor grants, hackathon prizes, bounty rewards, and ecosystem funding opportunities specifically for BNB Chain developers and teams developing frontier technologies. 30% of the commission fee is used to cover operating expenses + overhead, but this validator is truly operated in a not-for-profit nature.

PGS validators provide an everlasting source of funding for ecosystem developers, regardless of external market conditions, which helps ensure the sustainability of chain activity and long-term growth. These developer incentives will be available to all BNB Chain community members on the DoraHacks platform.

Core Information

Organization Name: Dora Factory
Organization Size: 30

Validator Moniker: Dora Factory

Location(s) of validator operations: Singapore, South Korea, Europe, APAC

To enhance transparency and accountability, our DevOps team is capable of deploying a BNB Chain “GrantDAO” on-chain. This establishes a continuous funding source for developers, who can receive grants from a quadratic matching pool. One recent GrantDAO success story includes the Aptos GrantDAO, where we have distributed 38,000 APT tokens to 40+ teams who are actively contributing to the Aptos ecosystem. It also includes Dora’s recent Injective hackathon, where 100% of the $75,000 USD prize pool was contributed with a Dora Factory PGS validator.

In our efforts to ensure optimal node performance on BSC, our team has been engaging with multiple existing validators to gain insights and understand the appropriate configuration required. To guarantee the high availability and capability of our node, we will assemble a team of five DevOps engineers, each situated in different time zones. This strategic distribution enables us to provide maximum coverage, ensuring prompt response and resolution of any network-related issues.


Dora Factory is ready to take our support of the BNB Chain ecosystem to the next level. We are very proud to have been working closely with BNB Chain and their community partners since 2018, establishing a robust track record of developer activations. A comprehensive list of these collaborations can be found here: Dora X BNB Chain Collaborations.

We are convinced that the addition of a Dora Factory PGS validator on the BNB Chain will allow Dora Factory to continue sponsoring successful developer incentives such as these long-term. With the addition of a public goods validator, Dora Factory will be better equipped to scale the frequency and size of programs such as grant initiatives, hackathon prizes, and ecosystem funding.

With this proposal and open letter, we seek delegation support from the community and existing validators as we believe it will help grow the BNB Chain ecosystem.

As the next step, we suggest:

  • Expand the BNB Chain Candidate Validator set by a minimum of three slots.
    • Motivation: Lowering the amount of delegation required to be a Candidate Validator
  • Encourage the BNB chain community to delegate to our new Dora’s PGS validator.
    • Motivation: Helping us to enhance the ranking of our validator
  • Support the hacker movement by collaborating with Dora Factory.
    • Motivation: Increasing the number of projects developing on the BNB Chain. Foster long-term adoption and use of the BNB Chain through this delegation.

Additional Information

Other mainnets that we validate:
Aptos, Agoric, Archway, Cardano, Klaytn, Cosmos Hub, Neutron, Evmos, Injective, Noble, AssetMantle, Cronos, Nolus, Stargaze

Other testnets that we validate:
SEI, Babylon chain, Zetachain, Althea Network, Nibiru, Dymension, Denom & Noria, Nolus, Composable Finance, etc.

Contact Info/Socials

· Twitter: @DoraFactory

· Discord: Brian | DORA#0629

· Telegram: @briandora, stevedora


The expansion of validator set and implementation of PGS on BNB Chain is not only going to be good for BNB Chain itself, but also for the entire multi-chain ecosystem to a more secure, decentralized, and prosperous future.


I think bringing public goods staking to BNB Chain will not only sustainably foster core developer innovations and community growth through hackathons, grants, and more, but also let BNB Chain set a leading example on how to efficiently fund public goods in a decentralized manner

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This looks cool. Based on what I have understood, PGS will help BNB to distribute network incentives through the infrastructure built by Dora Factory. This can be a strong alternative for BNB ecosystem projects and devs to get funding other than official channels. It can help the BNB chain to become more decentralized and better motivate developers and builders to keep building on the BNB chain.
Looking forward to seeing the synergies between Dora Factory’s PGS mechanism and BNB Ecosystem (especially with BNB’s modular roadmap, aka opBNB, Greenfield, and more).


This is a great initiative; Not only supporting BNB chain as a validator, helping further secure the ecosystem, but supporting developer initiatives in a sustainable manner is something which will foster the advancement of the BNB chain ecosystem and community. The Dora team has a fantastic track record of supporting not only BNB chain on their developer initiatives, but so many other chains as well. I look forward to seeing various BNB chain public goods initiatives coming to fruition.


Dora Factory’s proposal for a PGS validator on the BNB Chain is a step in the right direction towards a more secure, decentralized, and prosperous future for the multi-chain ecosystem. The ability to distribute network incentives through the infrastructure built by Dora Factory is a strong alternative for BNB ecosystem projects and devs to get funding other than official channels. The synergies between Dora Factory’s PGS mechanism and BNB Ecosystem. Excellent proposal, Dora Factory!


Exciting proposal! Dora Factory’s proven collaboration with BNB Chain and adding a PGS validator will boost incentives for developers. Expanding the Validator set and encouraging community delegation will drive decentralisation. Great potential for technical advancements and ecosystem growth!