BEP(Idea): Adjusting Validator Self-Stake Amount within BNB Smart Chain

Title: Adjusting Validator Self-Stake Amount within BNB Smart Chain

This BEP proposal aims to lower the barrier of entry for potential validators on the BNB Smart Chain (BSC) by reducing the self-stake requirement from 10,000 BNB to 2,000 BNB. To maintain network security and ensure validator performance.

The primary motivation behind the BEP is to lower the cost of entry for new validators on BSC, ensuring that a more diverse range of participants can contribute to the network’s security and decentralization. By reducing the self-stake requirement, we believe that a broader spectrum of validators with varying resources and capabilities will be able to enter the ecosystem.

Moreover, it is essential to acknowledge that the community delegation will ultimately have the final say in the ranking of validators. This democratic approach empowers the BSC community to choose the most suitable and reliable validators, ensuring that those who provide the best service and maintain the highest infrastructure standards are rewarded.

By lowering the barriers to entry and emphasizing community-driven decision-making, the proposal aims to create a more inclusive and robust validator ecosystem. This increased diversity and competition among validators will enhance the network’s security and stability, leading to better decentralization, service, and higher performance for the BSC community.

The lower self-stake requirement to 2,000 BNB for increased validator decentralization & participation.

Lower Self-Stake Requirement:

  • Reduce the self-stake requirement for validators from 10,000 BNB to 2,000 BNB.
  • The lowered requirement will encourage more potential validators to join the network and contribute to its security and decentralization.

Slashing Amount for Unavailability:

  • The slashing amount during unavailability is 50 BNB or 0.5% of the total self-staked amount. The proposal shouldn’t impact the slashing amount, but the ratio would now represent 2,5% of the new self-stake amount.
  • This adjustment will emphasize validator performance, ensuring that validators maintain high-quality infrastructure for the community.

This proposal aims to encourage more participation in the BSC validator ecosystem while maintaining a secure and stable network by lowering the cost of entry and increasing penalties for poor performance and malicious actions. The proposed changes will foster a more diverse and robust validator community, benefiting all BSC users.


Regarding Double-Sign Slash, then it will be all self-stake amount up to 10000 BNB right?


How will current validators be impacted? Would current validators with 10,000 self stake be able to unbond and withdraw 8,000 BNB?

Also interested in knowing when is the planned implementation if the proposal were to pass?

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Validators will be able to unbound 8,000 BNB and withdraw them or redelegate them to themselves as delegators.

The Double-Sign Slash is up to the total amount of self-stake; once self-stake is 2,000 BNB, the slash will be up to 2,000 BNB.

On-Chain, the double sign slash amount is a governance parameter currently set at 10,000 BNB. It will be better to adjust this parameter with a second vote if the first vote to adjust the self-stake is implemented.

Thank you for the Clarity @ArnoB ! I would advocate for the proposal to go into implementation as soon as possible once it passes. Do you have a timeline for this in mind?

Without seriously affecting the security of the protocol, this will undoubtedly lower the threshold for the community to participate in the BNB Chain network staking, and can better promote the BNB Chain towards a more decentralized direction. Under the trend of non-stop deflation of BNB total amount and rising BNB price, it is very meaningful to put forward this proposal. As for how to design the rules for double sign penalties I think it still needs to be discussed in detail.

Thank you for these details @ArnoB , I think many of us would vote in favor of lowering the minimum self-stake amount to 2,000 BNB. Do you have any expectation as to when this proposal would be voted on?


The proposal has been pushed on-chain and is live since last Friday :slight_smile:

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Great initiative yes.

Arnob when will be the winning results for Most like on comment ?