BSC Blockchain Validator Expansion - Q4’2023


BNB Smart Chain currently has 32 active validators (BNB Chain | BNB Chain Staking | BNB Chain Swap), it plans to expand to 40 validators by Q4 Y2023.

That said, 8 slots will open up for CANDIDATE validators soon.

Why does BSC want to increase the validators?

  • Improved Decentralization: Increases network robustness by spreading control across more entities.
  • Increased Security: More validators make the network resilient to malicious attacks.
  • Trust and Credibility: A diversified pool of validators adds to network transparency and integrity.
  • Community Engagement: Encourages participation and ownership within the community.
  • Compliance and Governance: Aligns the network with regulatory requirements or organizational objectives.
  • Network Growth: Helps in scaling the network and maintaining efficiency as user numbers grow.

Guidance on the type of validators BNB Chain is looking for:

  • Community Contribution: Validators should be able to provide tangible value to our community. This could include providing developer resources like RPC endpoints or archive nodes, contributing to the Total Value Locked (TVL) on the network, offering solutions for Miner Extractable Value (MEV), or actively engaging in Community Development and education.
  • Community Size and Engagement: Validators with a large and active community are preferred. A strong community indicates a validator’s commitment to maintaining a robust and secure network, and also ensures a wider distribution of knowledge, resources and staking from Retails.

BNB Chain technical evaluation of Validators:

  • Technical Proficiency: Validators should demonstrate high levels of technical expertise and operational security. This can be gauged through their past performance, reliability, and up-time.
  • Governance Participation: Validators should be actively involved in the governance of the blockchain. This can be measured through their voting history and participation in discussions and proposals.
  • Transparency: Validators should operate transparently, providing regular updates on their operations, plans, and any changes to their node to our community.

Minimum Requirements from Validators:

  • Self-Stake: Validators should be able to self-stake the minimum of 2,000 BNB.
  • Infrastructure: Validators should run secure, reliable, and performant infrastructure that meets or exceeds the network’s minimum requirements.
  • Service to Developers or DEFI protocol: Validators should provide essential resources to developers, such as access to RPC and archive nodes, or help on BSC TVL.
  • Community Engagement: Validators should actively engage with and contribute to the community. This includes participation in governance, contribution to discussions and debates, and the provision of educational resources.
  • Brand equity: validators should preferably be associated with a strong brand to signal industry backing of BNB Chain (e.g. a Microsoft, Consensys, etc) [nice to have]
  • Perhaps max seal on the fees. As fees go directly to the validators, it doesn’t seem feasible that BNB Chain supports the validator with extremely high fees.

Compliance with Best Practices:

  • Validators must follow best practices for security, key management, and node operation. This includes promptly updating software versions, maintaining a secure key setup, and ensuring optimal node configuration.
  • Validators are required to maintain a 24-hour emergency line for prompt response to any critical incidents or issues.
  • Validators are required to participate in innovation projects launched by the BNB Chain.


  • What is our target for BNB Chain validator expansion?

    • The BNB Chain is rapidly becoming more decentralized. The current focus is on expanding the number of active BNB Smart Chain validators from 32 to 40 (and later to 100).
  • Where can the community refer to the BNB Smart Chain Validator document ?

    • BNB Smart Chain validator tech document can be located on our doc site. [Link]

How can we contact you, we want to become a validator of BSC. We are the largest prime broker in Asia-Pacific. The official website is: We run multiple groups of customized BSC nodes for customers’ transactions. We also build ETHBuilder, which is currently TOP8. At the same time, we are also the validator of dydxv4. Our internal team cooperates with some BSC validators to provide solutions similar to flashbots bundle. We very much hope to become a validator of BSC. My telegram: greyireland


Thanks for the interest will notify the team to reach out to you.


Polyhedra network would like to apply to become a BSC validator. Polyhedra Network ( designs and implements zkBridge, providing trustless and efficient cross-chain infrastructures for layer-1 and layer-2 interoperability.

Polyhedra network launched zkBridge Mainnet Alpha ( on April 2023. To date, our zkBridge has successfully processed over 6.5 million cross-chain transactions for BNB Smart Chain, along with an additional 1.2 million cross-chain transactions for opBNB. This feat underscores our commitment to facilitating seamless interoperability for the BSC ecosystem.

Our collaborative efforts with BNB Smart Chain, opBNB, and BNB Greenfield have been instrumental in delivering a range of infrastructure services powered by cutting-edge zero-knowledge proof technology. It is our conviction that our technical expertise and proven track record make us a prime candidate to join the BSC network as a validator, contributing to its robustness and decentralization.

Contact Info
Telegram: @abnerjia90


Thanks for the interest will notify the team to reach out to you.


Last time when you increased the number of candidates from 8 to 11 there were no new validators ready to join the network.

As a result, the 3 new validators slots were all taken by existing validators and so the increase did nothing to improve decentralization. All it did was to disrupt delegations balance, causing one of the cabinet validators to drop as delegations shifted to the new alternates.

If you increase the number of candidates now, before new validators are ready to join the network, it will once again disrupt the balance and will not increase decentralization.

I recommend that new validators will first be funded and ready to operate, and only then the limit can be increased on a case by case basis (one by one instead of 8 at once).


As long-term partners and contributors to the BNB Chain ecosystem, Dora Factory/DoraHacks team believes that if the proposal is to be executed, BNB Chain will be further decentralized and more active community contributors can participate in the governance process. The proposal has our full support!


Provalidator would love to be considered as a BSC validator.

We are a professional Proof-of-Stake blockchain validator and decentralized infrastructure provider, offering enterprise-level validation services across a diverse portfolio of 30+ blockchain networks, including Cosmos Hub, Aptos, and dYdX. As of November 2023, we are providing staking solutions to over $110 million in digital assets through our resilient infrastructure.

We have been actively supporting and running the Cosmos Korea community since 2018, with a thriving membership of 2,000 enthusiasts. Embracing the same passion, we would like to expand the BNB Chain community in Korea through our community-building experience, by updating news and guides, hosting meetups, and sponsoring hackathons with local partners.

Furthermore, Provalidator’s contribution to BNB is not limited to community initiatives. We hold technical capabilities from providing reliable RPC endpoints for supporting developers, wallet providers, explorers, and other validators. Also, we are eager to offer archive nodes and dedicated servers to increase the TVL of the BSC chain.

Provalidator would love to join the BSC Chain and combine our infrastructure support and operations with community growth and adoption efforts to enhance the ecosystem.

Contact Info
Telegram: @Provalidator


Acknowledged the previous experience. More validators like Dorahacks, Blockdaemon are ready on queue. We will also actively engage those potential validators that have expressed interest and contribute to the BNB Chain ecosystem soon.


Thanks for the interest will notify the team to reach out to you.


There are others who would like to join as a validator. The barrier was that it requires a large amount of BNB just get a chance to try.

A further decentralization means:

  1. lower barrier to participate securing the network as a valiator;
  2. the total security of the network is determined by a larger number of players, instead of fewer;
  3. the reward and punishment logic should work as it is designed, while the network should survive with validator set change, i.e. anti-fragile. If either one is not, the dev community should find out the reason and fix it.

In such sense, I second the proposal to expand.


BlockVision would love to apply for the BNB Chain validator.

Currently, BlockVision is running validator on multiple chains like BNB Greenfield, Ethereum, Sui, and ZetaChain. We’re confident in providing stable validator service for BNB Chain.

BlockVision has been providing RPC node and Indexing service for BNB since 2022. There are more than 80M BNB API calls per day in BlockVision and serving 10+ BNB ecosystem projects.

  1. BlockVision won BNB Chain Grant
  2. BNB Chain Spotlight - BlockVision

Thanks for the interest will notify the team to reach out to you.


Hello, This is Ancilia Team (, @AnciliaInc), we build cybersecurity solutions for web3. We would like to become a BSC validator.

Ancilia was founded in 2022 by a team of security industry veterans with over 60 years of combined experience. The team’s members have worked at some of the most respected organizations in the field, including Palo Alto Networks, the Department of Energy, the Department of Defense, and McAfee. Ancilia was based in Mountain View, California.

We have been working with Binance, TrustWallet, and projects on BNB chains to safeguard users’ assets and also be the first to discover and report security incidents to BNB chain.

Contact Info


Thanks for the interest will notify the team to reach out to you.


Hi. This is watacchi from KudasaiJP. (
We are largest community validator/node operator.
We run largest crypto community in Japan and also working for web3 education for 3years.
Recently we have recieved most donation in Gitcoin GG18 in web3 education&community round.
We work with Japanese Investment bank and projects closely and have experience in running validators in other networks too.
Telegram: @watachi
e-mail address:


Thanks for the interest will notify the team to reach out to you.


Thanks for all for participating in this discussion and express interest, voting has been completed and BNB Chain has successfully expand to 40 validators now.