Greenfield Testnet Community participation request for a Validator slot

Hello team,
It’s Nick V.

I’m writing to you to represent the Staking Club - a community-centric staking service built by crypto and cyber security professionals from Ukraine and make a request to apply for a rotation-based testnet seat assigned for community validators.

Staking Club Validator experience:

As you can see we publicly run a few mainnet and testnet validators on different chains. The variety of L1 operational validators is presented in Cosmos SDK chains (C4E, Celestia), Harmony, Q, Findora and Incognito at the moment.

We are permanently seeking for expanding our experience with more chains and applying for testnets. We are interested to acquire new experience with Greenfield and contribute our tech skills to the battle test for the network.

About our Computing power:

Our bare metal corporate-level machines are located in a secure and protected data centre in the heart of Kyiv, Ukraine. For this particular application for a testnet validator slot, we have already spun up an appropriate ready-to-use server. We do not use 3rd parties computing power.

Our main goal for the participation in the “Congo” testnet by running a high up-time and stable validator is to enhance BNB Greenfield chain’s reliability and security.

For the Storage provider slot we’re reviewing the dependencies of the Piece Store and we will let you know if we are able to apply for the SP role later.

First step for contributing to Greenfield's ecosystem

As of today, we can propose to start a discussion on an online event (aka AMA or Q&A session) in front of a huge Ukrainian Community. Let us know if you're interested, please.

**Regarding an on-chain proposal:** This step is not missed, but I assume that because the on-chain submissions expire and require votes to be accepted, it is better to first get some traction/communication going from this Forum post, and then coordinate accordingly with the on-chain submission.

cc @ArnoB