BNB Greenfield validator & SP application: Matrix Labs

Core Information

Organization Name: Matrix Labs

Organization Size : 30

Organization Location: Singapore

Operating nodes since: 2018

Description of Organization

MATRIX LABS is a blockchain infrastructure provider. The team has deep knowledge of academic and extensive experience in engineering, with 14 papers in the field of privacy computing. We also have deep knowledge and experience in deploying complex crypto systems to empower Web 3.0.

MATRIX LABS has 2 main businesses:

ZK mining: the company’s mining team focuses on cryptographic research and algorithm optimization. They regularly study papers in cryptography and projects in privacy computation, assess the feasibility of cutting-edge technologies, conduct code analysis, and analyze the sustainability of existing protocols. Through the aforementioned full-scaled field study, the mining team can efficiently help their clients to avoid risky investments in the case that the client himself is not familiar with the underlying technologies of the corresponding project. We provide Filecoin mining service for over 500 PiB+ Power.

Safematrix is a Wallet as a Service(WaaS) platform that uses MPC+TEE technology and is aimed at the “asset+community+credit” scene. It provides services to B-end customers and can offer services such as a keyless wallet, non-custodial asset management service, user big data credibility tools, and modular plugin application services. Safematrix’s mission is to help customers integrate a complete WEB3 traffic portal quickly and at a lower cost.

Infra/security setup for Validators

Our operation and maintenance environment is IDC rooms.

For data availability, we use MPC clusters to store key data, such as user private keys.

For data security, we set up software firewalls, close non-essential ports, and restrict and record operation information of O&M staff through jumpserver.

For ongoing operations and maintenance, we set up a k8s cluster to support fast updates of multiple services, used Loki to collect software and system operation logs, and used Prometheus to instantly notify operations and maintenance staff of abnormal situations.

The way of running Nodes and Validators

We have the ability to operate and maintain nodes in IDC rooms and cloud services, with the current IDC rooms available in Singapore, Hong Kong and the US.

We support 24/7 monitoring, high-speed business internet access and multi-region and multi-client infrastructure.

Case study

Matrix Labs specializes in optimizing algorithms for ZKP mining and serves multiple enterprise clients. The company offers a comprehensive list of hardware and software solutions from solution design, hardware procurement, IDC hosting, computing power packaging and O&M, and provides customized solutions based on customers’ needs.

Example: Cost-effective solutions according to customer’s capital volume.

Hardware Comparison of different server types and procurement channels
Computing Hardware Purchase or lease
Sector Solution Committed Capacity Sector or Data Capacity Sector
Computing Server Direct or Distributed Storage Software
IDC Hosting Cabinet Planning and Network Solutions

Matrix Labs uses the above quantitative indicators to serve its clients in a cost-effective pattern.


MATRIX LABS has deep technical experience in cryptography and node operation and maintenance as a blockchain infrastructure service provider. We want to bring a more decentralized and secure system to the decentralized storage ecosystem through cooperation with Greenfield.

In addition, we can also provide Greenfield with diverse and rich storage data sources. As a wallet underlying service solution, Safematrix can not only provide high-quality data resources such as user traffic, asset transactions, and community content, but also obtain high-quality storage data from application partners and project partners in various scenarios (DeFi, GameFi, SocialFi, etc.), different types (text, images, audio, video, etc.), and unlimited sizes.

Therefore, based on our team’s own technological and professional advantages, we can bring mature technical solutions, high-quality storage services, lower service costs, and diverse data sources to the Greenfield project. All of these elements are essential for a qualified distributed storage node. Therefore, we hope to obtain the approval of the community and officially become a member of the Greenfield storage node.


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