BNB Greenfield vaildator & SP application: zkmatrix

Core Information:
Name: Sheng
Affiliated organization: zkmatrix
Region of Operation: North America, Asia,Singapore
zkmatrix is a team focused on the field of blockchain, committed to promoting the development and application of blockchain.
We have a team full of passion and creativity, constantly exploring and innovating. We have participated in some storage related projects and achieved some results, such as filecoin, chia, and so on.
BNB Greenfield SP is a crucial link in the BNB Greenfield ecosystem. We hope to propose some good ideas to help BNB Greenfield push to the market faster and improve its competitiveness.
We believe that decentralized storage is the most important development direction for Web3, so we are very interested in the BNB Greenfield project and hope to have more exploration and contributions on the testing network.
We hope to deeply participate in the Greenfield ecosystem, including validator governance, storage providers, tools, and dApps.

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I’ve contacted you via DM. Would you be able to get back to me?

Thanks for your consideration.