BNB Greenfield validator & SP application: HASHCELL

Core information
Organization name: HASHCELL
Organization size: 50
Organization location: Singapore
Organization founded: 2017

Description of organization
HASHCELL is a comprehensive company providing professional blockchain services and mining industry, dedicated to the research and development of distributed storage public chain and Web 3 technology, and continuously optimizing low energy and low cost decentralized storage solutions, as well as innovating and developing the underlying technology of distributed storage.

Running businesses & successful experience
1. Node operator
HASHCELL is currently one of the most reliable official partner node operators of Aptos and has maintained a good performance since its first testnet to the mainnet launch.

  • Node deployment can essentially cover countries with good environments for major IDCs worldwide;
  • Meeting all the performance criteria and SLA required in the project;
  • Proactive setting of automated alerts to facilitate real-time monitoring and surveillance of network conditions;
  • Timely response to emergencies and provide 24/7 online technical support;
  • For disaster recovery, the ability to effectively prevent DDoS while being fully prepared for data corruption/loss.

2. Mining pool
Hpool is one of Hashcell’s main branded businesses - mining pool.
Hpool is the world’s top distributed storage project mining pool in terms of arithmetic power. Since its establishment, Hpool has conducted in-depth tracking and research on a number of storage public chain projects. The mining volume of the projects involved are the largest share of public pools. The team has provided professional, efficient, secure and stable mining pool services to nearly one million users in 30+ countries/regions worldwide.

The mining pool projects in operation include: Chia, Arweave, BHD, Mass, Iron Fish and Aleo (Testnet stage).
Among them, Chia has a network power of 25.29 EiB and Hpool is the top-ranked mining pool in Chia with a cumulative power of over 7.5 EiB in OP+OG mode.
Arweave has 23.53 MH and Hpool has 10.44 MH, accounting for nearly 44% of the network.

Infrastructure & security setup for validators

  • HASHCELL’s IDC server rooms are located in Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo, and are equipped with firewalls and high security protection against common DDoS attacks.
  • External logins are authenticated via SSH and pubkey to the machines inside the server room, which effectively prevents external password blasting.
  • The machines are monitored in great detail by the Prometheus and Grafana services, which together with PagerDuty provide 7x24 alerts on abnormal status. While monitoring the alert thresholds for various parameters, 2 alarm parameters are set up to alert operations and maintenance staff when the thresholds are approached and reached, increasing the prevention capability and the ability to deal with them quickly in the first instance.


  1. HASHCELL would like to apply as one of the validators and storage providers of the testnet to establish a long-term and stable cooperation with Greenfield.
  • HASHCELL is able to meet all of the node requirements for running the testnet storage provider;
  • Once the application is accepted, HASHCELL will provide the necessary funding to meet its requirements.
  1. Based on HASHCELL’s advanced technology and successful operation and maintenance experience, especially in storage projects, we can bring quality storage services to Greenfield. We hope to be recognized by the community and to grow together.

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