Storage Provider Proposal: Chaindeck <> BNB Greenfield

Why we should be included?

  1. We have worked with High-performance databases, Media streaming and have experience in managing high-speed private data storage networks on bare metal hardware.
  2. Managing DataOps and DevOps for web3 analytics and DeFi startups
  3. We are partnered with renowned data centres across the EMEA and North Americas regions, hosting dedicated blockchain nodes.

What do we want to provide for Greenfield?

  1. High-Speed Primary Storage nodes: We want to run High-speed custom storage (s3 compatible) for large amounts of analytics data or media serving needs across the world
  2. Addition to BNB Greenfield’s reliability and security: By running dedicated validator nodes we want to contribute to the security of BNB Greenfield
  3. Tiered storage implementation: We would like to help the team successfully implement tiered storage in BNB Greenfield which would be a natural step ahead for a faster and more secure network
  4. Edge storage nodes: Our high-speed node spread across the world, can serve as a reliable edge cache once tiered storage is implemented

Our Roadmap on Greenfield

  1. Multi-chain (BSC, Ethereum, Polygon) Nodes Snapshots for the community
  2. Decentralised, Mathematically provable L1 data store for all EVM and cosmos chains
  3. Decentralised AI training and deployment

Proposal Address(updated):


Have you been able to get the approval?

I am also preparing to run the SP, but I encountered a problem during the deployment process. I see that the endpoint in your proposal cannot be accessed, and there seems to be a problem. I hope I can contact you to discuss the running problems of greenfield sp