Welcome to the BNB Forum

Welcome to The BNB Forum

The BNB Forum is a forum for the BNB Chain community where anyone can join, create topics, and discuss primarily research and ideas for projects that will be built on the BNBChain ecosystem, including MEV, sequencing rollup, data marketplace, bridges, oracles, RaaS, and other solutions.

All research, ideas, and contributions are welcome. In summary, the BNB forum is an open and collaborative space on the internet where all your research, ideas, and contributions to the BNB ecosystem and its products will be heard.

What to do in the forum?

Read and discuss about:

  • BSC (BNB Smart Chain)
  • OpBNB (BSC Rollup layer)
  • Greenfield (BNB Storage Chain)
  • BEP
  • Security
  • Operators
  • MEV
  • Rollups
  • Bridges
  • Oracles
  • BC Fusion
  • AA solution
  • Other solutions

If you don’t find an interesting topic, create a new topic and debate.

Is it your first time entering the BNB forum?

If so, please refer to our Code of Conduct for new members where the terms we use in this forum are explained and answers to questions related to this forum are provided.

Welcome, feel free to share your ideas and initiate a brainstorm.

Official links of BNB ecosystem (website, Twitter, discourse)

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