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buildnbuild.dev forum is a public, community driven forum that anyone can contribute to. This forum is dedicated to connect and encourage builders to build BNB and other generic blockchain ecosystems and to demonstrate the resilience and persistence of the BNB spirit: for the builders and users. Our vision is to set up “Multi-chain/cross-chain infra to enable mass adoption”.

This forum will focus on technology discussion and bridge researchers and enthusiasts around the globe to participate in research and engineering efforts, including not limited to the following,

  • BSC App Sidechain
  • BSC Partition Chain
  • EVM Optimization
  • Decentralized Storage
  • High performance client
  • Interchain interoperability
  • Zero Knowledge Proof
  • Cryptography
  • Self-Custody and Threshold Signatures Scheme
  • Digital Identity
  • High performance networks
  • Smart Contract Security and Chain Analytics

Rules :

  1. Do note that this is NOT the place for generic discussion. For this please visit : buildnbuild Discord.

  2. Do remember that our community is global, containing people from many languages, regions, and cultures. Please be respectful towards each other and vulgarity is NOT allowed.

As the BSC ecosystem grows, so will our community. That’s why the site has a simple design system & modular structure. We make iterative changes as we learn more about how people use the site and what the community wants from it. We also wanted to educate new comers of our ecosystem and knowledge.

  • Understand BSC ecosystem and advantages
  • Help new developers get started with building on BSC.
  • Understand updates and important features of BSC.

We’re open source, with a community of contributors, so you can propose improvements to us as well. Join us to kickstart your journey with us today.


o How to start a private BSC

o Binance Smart Chain White Paper

Important Links

o BSC development ecosystem and tools : https://github.com/binance-chain/bsc-develop-ecosystem/

o BSC FAQ : https://docs.binance.org/


It is great and huge. But isn’t it possible along with that to enable IBC/cosmos connection?

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非常不错 很新意

We are in :handshake:
Let’s make BSC the best blockchain of blockchains!

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It is great to see such communities grow and encourage "BUIDL-ing around the world.

Many projects (us included) are feeling a bit discouraged by not exactly the most responsive Binance teams when it goes for the applications to their awesome programs (MVB, Funds, etc.)

The current offer out there when it goes for the funds and where to build is growing day by day and developers are leaning towards those chains where they will have a great “first” impression.

Not being responsive can be a “chain killer” in the long run. Therefore I am happy such communities grow.

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This forum is great idea.This was missing before. I hope that a large number of developers will gather here and mutual assistance will speed up the development of many projects

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This is a start of something very awesome and long time coming

I’m glad to see the emergence of this community. At the same time, our products will give priority to BSC chain as our first choice.

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Would it require a lot tech skill to deploy a BAS?