Payment Notifications

With the Pay-as-you-go/Streams model, if a client doesn’t pay anymore, from various reasons ( he forgets about his balance in their payment address, he doesn’t want the service anymore, etc.) are there any ways to create user notifications for both SPs and Clients? Via Emai / Slack / etc, in a human-readable fashion?
Or is this a responsibility for a product that is building on top of Greenfield to manage the application side?


That’s an interesting question. While the core Greenfield protocol may not handle user notifications directly, it’s essential to have a system that helps both Storage Providers (SPs) and clients stay informed about their payment status.

In this case, it would be the responsibility of applications built on top of Greenfield to manage user notifications. These notifications can be designed to be human-readable and inform users when their balance is running low or if they have stopped paying for storage services. Implementing such a system would help improve user experience by reminding clients to maintain their account balance and ensuring SPs are aware of payment-related issues.

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I think Sp get the motivation to do this, it can be an plugin of storage provider.

in blockchain users are anonymous by default and therefore any framework, including Greenfield, doesn’t have information about the users - making notification services impossible without users explicitly providing such information. There are several push services already exist in bnb chain and I think it’s a matter of time before these are integrated into greenfield

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