New Exit Feature for BNB Greenfield Storage Providers on Testnet

Hello, BNB Greenfield Community!

The BNB Greenfield testnet has rolled out a new feature that allows storage providers to exit. This feature is aimed to ensure a highly active, efficient, and secure network and overall user experience.

Notice for Inactive Testnet SPs

Starting from the date of this announcement, inactive BNB Greenfield testnet storage providers(SPs) will have one month to complete the exit process from the network. If inactive SPs fail to complete their exit within one month, the community will initiate a governance vote to remove these inactive SPs from BNB Greenfield testnet.

When a certain SP leaves the network, the remaining SPs can independently decide to assume control of the data stored by the departing SP. Active SPs can closely observe the departure actions of inactive SPs and promptly take charge of the data, following guidelines to facilitate a seamless exit for the departing SP.

Why This Is Important

  • Network Optimization: This policy is a strategic move to optimize the network’s performance and reliability. By encouraging active participation, we can ensure that our network remains robust and efficient.
  • Testing and Feedback: Active engagement from storage providers is crucial for the testing phase of new features. Your participation helps us identify and resolve potential issues, ensuring the feature’s readiness for mainnet deployment.
  • Future Preparedness: Engaging with the new feature during the testnet phase allows you to adapt to upcoming changes and innovations, positioning your services for future success.

Exit Process Guidelines

  • Documentation: Please refer to the detailed documentation for instructions on how to initiate and complete the exit process.
  • Contact Support: If you encounter any difficulties or have questions regarding the exit process, our support team is here to assist you.

Finalize Operations: Ensure that all pending operations or data migrations are finalized before completing the exit process to avoid any disruptions.

Look Ahead

We understand that this policy update may require adjustments on your part, and we appreciate your cooperation and commitment to maintaining the BNB Greenfield network’s high standards.

Your feedback is crucial to us! Our team is dedicated to providing assistance and incorporating your feedback to continuously improve the feature.

Thank you for your ongoing support and participation in BNB Greenfield network. Let’s continue to innovate and build together!


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