NFT2.0 paradigm implementation

Hi BNBChain great team!
We are a blockchain team from SEA. Our initiative idea is to build up an NFT2.0 paradigm, which essentially aims to build a hierarchical relationship between NFTs, and according to this relationship, once a transaction is processed on child-NFT, all his parent NFT’s owners will receive royalty fee. We believe this mechanism will bring benefit to all NFT’s owners, and gain adoption for NFT to our real life, as well as metaverse.
We are in the stage of seeking for an appropriate platform to implement our idea, and we found that BAS is very promising. We’ve just setup BAS on our on premise server, and it works really fast.
So could you please give us your thoughts on our problem? Is it feasible for us to resolve this NFT2.0 use-case on BAS?
That’s great if we could discuss about the technical aspects of this problem, and how BAS could help resolve it.
Hope to hear from you soon.