How to bring different communities together and let them innovate and co-create?

This was and is still a question that we asked us when we started to build the platform where each and everyone can share their art, thoughts, project, and ideas with the rest of the “internet”.

We used the #BSC to show off the power of blockchain. The current version is to be found under: where you will find also a fully working dapp

The question remains: What did we miss and how to improve our platform to unify all the crypto projects under one “Space”, where each and everyone can have their full decentralized power to express himself in his own hands? Is there something else out there that we could integrate to help the user experience?

Full disclosure: I am one of the project co-founders but this is no promotion. It is an honest question to improve our way of work and bring innovation and awesomeness to crypto people of all generations.


I suggest if we function the #NFT page with a view of Deposit and withdrawal instantly, once NFT is on sale page, Users should see how the activity of buying and selling goes , I hope this will make the NFT more reasonable and interesting for users to Buy and sale on there.


I agree with you nft tracking the performs goes it has to be way more accessible and cheaper than ethereum


Opening up the #nft and co-creating can be scary.
There are just Two steps involved in co-creation and they are:
1.SUBMISSIONS-customers must submit contributions
2.Co-creation to build or improve productions/services by engaging consumers in the design process.

This process proves beneficial to both consumers and by create a more meaningful relationship.

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