BNBChain Twitter Not Giving Result of Contests ? Fake GiveAway Announcements in BNBchain Twitter?

Hi every One.

I just want to share a bad experience for BnBChain Twitter official (blue tick) account. They offer giveaways for any contest but later do not mature for winner announcements.
Like in October 2023 they offered two contests of #OwnYourData and #CrossChainFuture , got maximum traffic and views on the tweet, but till one month after the closure till now, no announcements of winners.

People are continuously following and tweeting on their post for announcements, but no reply by BnBChain team.

As i personally the holder of BNB coins, and trade on binance, a petty such negligence or fraudulent tweet really herats.

There is no need to announce such contests at first hand, but if you do, please complete your commitments.

Hope my friend who are reaching to me, will get the announcements.

Ahsan aka Wizz

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I guess the admin might b busy and hopefully will sort in few days .
Have you write to customer care ?

Hi there, winners should always be announced for official campaign. Could you share more details of the contest you attended, like links, projects, etc. We’ll help to look into it if it’s indeed a bnbchain official activity.

Also you could always seek for support from official discord channel: BNB Chain


Dear Sir,
The link of both tweets are given below. please ask the admins to announce winners, as he might forgot or might went on annual leaves.

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further i do not use or dont have access to discord. Its difficult to use or not user friendly. Sorry.

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Might be the admin of twitter want to get the maximum traffic on the page . but I hope if you are in and worked for the tweet may get the prize. Good luck.

Have you got any help from Amy admin or support for BNB sir ?

Sir, I am still unattended. I have shared the official tweets, please help the twitter community to reach this to Twitter admin. Good Day.

No , still silence …

Thank you i got the one giveaway. Noe Cross Chain Future and (Weekly interact with any of the week post) pending.

Kindly ask the admin to also release :slight_smile: