BnB Chain Give Away is Pending. Announcement done now Prize Distribution Pending

BNB Chain official tweeted a tweet and pinned that for weeks. Which saying to get maximum likes and get the prize.
I have participated and contacted many of my friend on this forum to get engagement.
Later the #bnbChain didnt announced the results . you can find the tweet link below.
They do not respond on the DMs and on twitter.

Please do not do the unethical BNB CHAIN, And share my win prize by announcing results.

The link of tweet is

I know many others who are waiting for announcement for this tweet by bnbchain.
Its really unfair if the admin do not respond and solve the query.

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Hello, thanks for raising this concern. This giveaway will proceed as announced. There’s been a delay in finalizing approval for prize distribution, but the issue will be resolved this week. We apologize for the delay and will update the community shortly. Thank you.

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Thank you for your reply. I have got a message as I am winner and will get my share. Thank you for listening .
Will update you once I will receive my gift. :slight_smile:

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I also got a message from admin. and my USDT will be issued on my address. I will get 100 USDT. How much you will get ?

Thanx to BnB chain. I have got the prize and I know 2 others who got. Thank you a lot. Sorry if I mess with the reminder. Love and respect.

Hello did you receive your reward yet ?

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yes i got that. The BnB Chain team is awesome.

You have tried well fake profile. But the Team of BnB is smart enough to counter. I can make you learn the real trade and real hard work to get reward ?