Followup of Uranium Finance 50M$ hack on BNBchain

Hi, the hacker of Uranium finance hack last year used tornado cash. Some funds may have been recovered by exchanges. Futhermore, some BNB and BUSD are still into its wallet on BNB chain and I assume Binance node upgrades made them frozen like they did to last BNB bridge hack.

The person who reprensented the team in Telegram has vanished. Is there someone to give us some follow up on the whole situation? It is really painfull to be a binancian abandonnated, hope to have answer here.


I am sure binance could do something for such an amont of stolen funds !


At the time of the hack, this was the largest bsc hack ever. Over $50m was stolen and there are thousands of victims. Nothing was done. No investigation was performed. It was swept up under the rug.
There are still victim groups with no answers and crowd sourced investigations pointing at the developers of uranium and others as the suspects.

We have received no support from binance, no support from uranium and even cipher blade refused to investigate due to a conflict of interest.

We are in desperate need of help with this. People have been suffering for over a year.

Binance suffered a multi hundred million dollar exploit and took care of it without blinking, but they won’t even spare us the courtesy of communication to help with our theft.


I am an early BNB chain power user, experimenting with all of the new apps and with yield farming. Uranium finance was the biggest exploit that I was a victim of and I clearly remember anxiously watching the exploiter’s addresses as days passed before the half of the funds were bridged off of BNB chain and put into tornado cash.

At the time it was one of the biggest hacks ever and I was very disappointed at the lack of response or engagement from the Binance team. For some days I was so sure that the hacker addresses would be locked and the funds recovered. All of my BUSD, ETH, and WBTC are Binance wrapped tokens! The real assets are sitting there in the Binance reserves! And now that we know for sure that BNB chain has the ability to lock addresses and reclaim the assets that criminals have stolen. It kills me to see the money sitting there when I know that we could get it back if only the BNB validator community would support us.

I’ve been in the victims telegram channels for more than a year now and watched sadly as it became a total ghost town with the Binance and Uranium finance team reps leaving. I would be incredibly grateful if the Binance team could work with us again towards recovering our stolen funds.

Please help.


This was a huge hack in 2021 and I hope Binance can help. I good amount of my funds (busd, bnb) are probably still locked in that wallet.

It was really surprising that Binance never did anything about it but hopefully it can be done now !!


Binance is the only entity with the capability to do something about this $50M exploit. I was an early investor of cake and lost a large sum of money through this hack. We have have filed reports with the FBI (no response), tried hiring a lawyer to pursue the case through the DOJ (lacked funding to continue privately), and had multiple parities track and trace the funds back to responsible parties however have not had anyone is a place of power or influence help us with the recovery. Please consider making this a priority and help restore the lives of those who lost so much through this awful experience.



I m here the victim of Uranium finance hack. I don’t know if there was any investigation done, but we weren’t given any info about it that would make sense.

And yees, I would sincerely ask BNB validators community to consider compensation of the remaining fund held on hacker wallet.


Also the BNB and BUSD that hackers can not transfert would be a way fo Binance to have some kind of Burn of theses assets, being removed of supply available to sell. Binance control the supply of BUSD that the hacker can not transfert.

We continue on efforts and are calling all medias and regulators to put Binance nodes validators and Binance entity into investigation to take the case to help victims.


yes, binance hasn’t done anything so far. I also lost a decent amount of stablecoins, USDT and BUSD in the hack. It shouldn’t be a problem to burn those funds by freezing them indefinitely.
It should be also brought before the issuers of the stablecoins, tether and paxos.


Binance have already shown that theyre willing to manipulate their chain to protect themselves. Why dont they have the decency to do the right thing and help their own community. People like us are the ones that have made BNB the success it is, yet when in our hour of need, they dont care.

I lost a sickening amount in the hack but Binance arent interrsted because it doesnt benifit them. Theres nothing moral about this company anymore. I believed in their chain because of the protection that they could offer. As it turns out, that was never the case.

Their chain will die because of their lack of empathy and passion for their own community.


I’m one of the bigger losers due to this hack, which we are unable to ascertain whether is it a true hack or is it an internal job.

At that point in time, I’ve exhausted every way possible and even Binance staff replied that they are aware of this and is now looking into it.

I personally lost roughly 9.5 bitcoin worth of funds, which at that time is around 400k USD.

My family and I are severely impacted, I fell into depression.

Binance and CZ, can you do something for victim like us?


I was a victim as well from this exploit. (Enough to make me lose sanity and sleep over a couple of weeks).
The amount of injustice we got served after this brutal failure is staggering and still hurts plenty .
It is impossible to accept that after all this time , We , the victims are still wandering in the dark about a possible resolution for this major theft.
( State of things : Enriched Criminal(s) with stolen funds, Vanished devs , Locked funds , Binance sweeps the whole happening under the rug ) .
With my increasingly ineffective daily dose of hopium , I wonder if Binance and CZ finally can do right for ‘US, the Victims’ ?
Can justice be served ? Ah…What a wonderful world we live in…


I don’t think it’s the right stat here to blaim Binance or the network for something. We are here to ask for the help.

And we ask for help.
I also lost .5m$ worth of stablecoins

I still hold those LP tokens.

And on behalf of the victims I ask BNB chain team, Binance and Validators community to help us recover of what is remaining on the BNB chain and distribute pro-rate to the victims. If possible, also assist with the tracing of the Tornado’ed funds



fellow victim here. While i understand there is risk of LPing in a farm, it seems silly that binance has control of the hackers wallet with a large amount of funds left and isn’t doing anything. Why not distribute those funds to the parties that lost them?

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I have been a Binancian using its products and services for a long time since BNB was less than $8. Few years ago when Binance Smart Chain launched it was advertised on Binance exchange, this is how I first learned about it and was my introduction to Defi. This is the first chain I started with. Mainly because of the reduced barriers to entry and the guidance offered to beginners.

I now see that predators were taking advantage of and targeting beginners whom were drawn into using BSC. The way things have played out so far, having assets taken through Uranium platform on BSC is definitely a case of significant mistreatment of a vulnerable population. This loss has been painful and the lack of guidance offered on this matter has been especially hurtful.

Whomever may read this, please help if you are able to. The victims of this need help with being compensated. Thank you.


I am also a fellow victim of Uranium hack last year. It was the biggest loss ($350k at the time) I have ever suffered. It’s been over a year and it still hurts when I think of it. It really hurts to see no interest, correspondence or investigation done from relevant teams or people and Binance.

I have been among some of the earliest adopters in BNB ecosystem defi space. I have been using BSC chain in defi since day 1, like some of the other victims here. I have gained new found respect for CZ recently a midst the FTX collapes and in the AMA CZ said he wants to do the right thing for the industry and customers and most important thing is to move the space forward. I want to support Binance and BNB with my whole heart but i feel so disappointed and doubtful when I’m still suffering from this big loss and witnessing Binance stands by and does nothing to help.

We hope BNB nodes validators do the right thing by victims and help us recover the funds left in the attacker’s address.

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that is a lot of money… twitter @Lv10noob