Failed to migrate and can not undelegate and manually tranfer all my BNB to BSC

Hello Community, I need help I have my BNB delegated to 3 different operators. the migration function is turned off. i can still see my balance, but I have no more BNB beacon chain to pay my fees. The cross chain transfer is not active so i can not send my BSC to beacon to pay the fee. is there any way I can get beacon chain coins to pay my transaction fees to undelegate and send to BSC? what can I do? any guidance would be great, its all my BNB and its everything to me. am I going to loose everything ive been staking the past years? will there be a tool to unlock my coins after all upgrades and Beacon chain deactivation? Please help! thank you

(post deleted by author)

Hi there, you can withdraw BNB onto Beacon Chain network via