BNB Greenfield validator & SP application: Cosmostation

Hi everyone! This is Khloe from Cosmostation.

Core Information

Organization Name: Cosmostation
Organization Size: 28
Organization Location: Seoul, South Korea
Experience: 5+ years.


Cosmostation is an enterprise-level infrastructure company operating validator nodes and building third-party dev toolings for 70+ networks including most of the Cosmos chains, Ethereum, Wemix and Sui & 500k+ users since 2018. On top of its secure node operation, Cosmostation provides intuitive end-user products including Mintscan block explorer, Cosmostation browser extension wallet and Cosmostation mobile(iOS & Android) wallet in order to support the communities and contribute to the ecosystem.

Here are some brief introductions of our end-user products;

Mintscan Block Explorer([Interchain Explorer by Cosmostation (Interchain Explorer by Cosmostation)
Mintscan displays various types of useful data of ~60 blockchain networks including smart contracts, IBC relayers, validators, assets and much more, in a user-friendly UI/UX.
Mintscan Hub is the Cosmos Interchain data analytics platform. Mintscan Hub aggregates & visualizes data to provide users, developers and exchanges a series of useful statistics and analytics to help them navigate through the ecosystem.

Cosmostation Extension Wallet (Cosmostation Wallet - Chrome Web Store)
Cosmostation Extension Wallet is a non-custodial chrome extension wallet that natively supports 55+ Cosmos networks, 12 major EVM chains, Aptos and Sui. Cosmostation extension opens up a seamless multi-chain gateway for our partner networks and its users to external ecosystems.

Cosmostation Mobile Wallet (iOS & Android)
Cosmostation Mobile Wallet enables users to seamlessly manage their Cosmos assets with a user-centric interface and easy access to multiple dApps. As a non-custodial mobile wallet that natively supports 55+ networks, it grants users a smooth IBC experience on mobile as well.

Splash Sui Mobile Wallet (iOS & Android)
Splash mobile wallet is a non-custodial Sui mobile wallet, offers send/receive $SUI and Sui NFTs, native $SUI staking features. Implementing Sui walletstandard, Splash supports the in-wallet dApp tab which allows users to browse integrated dApps and connect their wallet directly on mobile app.

Splash Dash Sui Dashboard
Splash Dash is a real-time responsive Sui staking web application that visualizes Sui asset portfolio and provides asset management features. Fully supporting stake/unstake features, Splash Dash can be utilized as a personal dashboard that shows Total staked amount, real-time earned rewards and available $SUI. On top of that, Splash Dash provides a comprehensive overview of the entire Sui validator set that displays Total staked amount, Commission rate, APY and more.

Validator Node Operation

Cosmostation node operation team primarily uses bare metals and also public clouds when it’s needed for setting up duplicated infrastructure environments.

Cosmostation believes operating validator nodes is taking full responsibility for the security of partner protocols. To achieve high security, we established our own escalation policies with monitoring systems. Also, setting up a backup environment where we could respond to any kind of potential issues is very important. To achieve better diversity and prevent single-point failure, Cosmostation seeks to provide validator service in environments that are different from other validators, to an extent that it doesn’t deter the performance of the networks.

Communication & Marketing

Cosmostation team monitors various channels including Discord, official Twitter, E-mail & Telegram 24/7, actively communicating with the networks and users to secure the network and provide a better user experience.
Our marketing team regularly publishes content to help distribute information across the broader Asian market and assist our partners in educating users/retail. We plan to expand our research team in the near future and create high-quality research content more often.
On top of that, Cosmostation team has hosted and participated in our partners’ local events in Seoul, South Korea, helping our partners communicate with Korean builders and users.


BNB Greenfield addresses the blockchain data storage problem, which, in our belief, needs definite improvement for the mass adoption of the blockchain space in the long term. As one of the most active contributors to partner networks and ecosystems, Cosmostation is eager to participate in the BNB Greenfield community as a long-term partner, encouraging decentralized storage systems and enabling more people to seamlessly utilize their data assets with enhanced security as a validator and SP.