Billing Metadata / Excessive Download

Who can establish excessive download/bandwidth? And what might be the parameters?

If you want to store NFT data (Jpegs/videos) and they are publicly available - you can’t actually control a denial of service (excessive download/bandwidth) being made towards an NFT collection - and this might be a weak spot for this use-case.

Another Layer of CDN on top of Greenfield might fix this issue, for publicly available content.

I will expect SPs should establish some sort of defense. Users can choose these SPs.

Or there can be another dApp layer of service built upon Greenfield SPs to serve such scenarios?

Hey, to address excessive download/bandwidth usage and potential DDoS attacks for publicly available content like NFTs, I believe that two solutions can be considered:

  1. Storage Providers (SPs) can implement protective measures, and users can choose SPs that offer these security features.
  2. An additional layer of services or dApps can be built on top of Greenfield to provide CDN-like functionality, distributing content across multiple nodes and mitigating risks.

By adopting these solutions, Greenfield Ecosystem can better handle those challenges.

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Users can download data from the primary SP on Greenfield. These primary SPs will be paid for objects downloading service. And each SP can be selected as the primary SP by users. SPs need to establish some sort of defense to keep supplying stable service, such as basic flow control, resource management(memory/bandwidth/cpu).
As users(bucket owners) needs to pay for the objects downloading service under the bucket on the Greenfield. So they need to be cautious to set the data publicly available.
For NFT scenarios described above, better to build another layer for frequent data accessing.

the recommended SP stack will probably have some DDoS prevention functionality. but broadly speaking there should be another dApp built upon Greenfield, which will provide CDN and DDoS service, and charge a bit.