Where can I apply a large number of tBnb

I need about 20 tBnb to test my program on test net,Where can i apply a large number of tBnb?
My address is 0xbDb5350B58619EfE6E1Cf43989C9D950A79F1317

Hi there, You can get the testnet tokens from the following faucets:

  1. BNB Smart Chain (BSC) Testnet Faucet - BNB Chain
  2. Binance Smart Chain Faucet for BNB Testnet by QuickNode
  3. Binance Smart Chain Faucet - Get Free Testnet BNB

If you need a large amount of tokens for testing purposes, then please provide the following information:

  1. Project description
  2. Details on the use cases of tBNB
  3. Verified contract address
  4. Receiving active wallet address.

I need 1000 tBNB for gnfd sp standard testing.

  1. Project description: gnfd sp
  2. Details on the use cases of tBNB: used to staking on testnet
  3. Verified contract address: gnfd contract
  4. Receiving wallet address: 0xB8B669649C430726E193C2a0E5a025ca505BD8b2