Looking for a faucet that actually works for Binance Smartchain Testnet


I am looking for faucet for funding BNB/Testnet coins into one of my accounts on MetaMask. I tried to use Binance Smart Chain Faucet for BNB Testnet by QuickNode. That site tells me to comeback in 12 hours.

This site is reporting first that I am a robot, then it reports that I have insufficient funds.


All I want is some test BNB to conduct some experiments. Jeesh, maybe I don’t know what I am doing. So, any help I get will be greatly appreciated.

Hi there, You can get faucets from BNB Chain discord “#testnet-faucet” channel: BNB Chain

P.S: This website BNB Smart Chain: Faucet also redirects to the mentioned discord channel. Thanks.

I tried to access testnet-faucet but nothing is showing up as shown in the attached screenshot

Maybe I am doing something terribly wrong? @deepcrazy

You have to first apply for specific roles (in your case: developer) in #roles channel (Discord). Then you should be able to see the #testnet-faucet channel.
In case, if it still doesn’t show up, then apply for all roles in #roles channel and then try to access #testnet-faucet channel.

P.S: #testnet-faucet channel: Discord

  • To get faucet from #testnet-faucet channel, type /faucet and then put your address in the prompt.

Found it! Thanks for taking the time to instruct me.