Several EIPs will be on BSC, especially the EIP-1559(with BaseFee of 0), could be very important to you


To make it short, BSC is going to port several EIPs to make the best effort to keep EVM compatible.
These EIPs would bring compatible issues and some of the BSC service providers may need to do some extra work to adapt these changes, like: BSC Wallet, BSC Explorer, Tools, RPC providers, Gas Sensitive DApps.

For the detail of the change list, please refer(BNB Chain Upgrades):

To highlight some the proposals that could have big impact:

  • BEP-216: Implement EIP-3855 PUSH0 instruction
  • BEP-217: Implement EIP3860 Limit and meter initcode
  • BEP-222: Enable EIP-1559 with base fee of 0
  • BEP-223: BASEFEE opcode
  • BEP?: EIP-2718: enables easier support for multiple transaction types

More Background

BSC mainnet was launched around July-2020, at the time Ethereum community was busy at working on the PoS transition. And the latest upgrade at that time was: Istanbul.
BSC support the changes of Istanbul and before, but not the following upgrades, like: Berlin, London, Pair(Merge) and Shanghai.
There are several incompatible changes since then, especially new transaction type, new block structure, new opcode and new gas metering policy.
BSC will try to embrace the EVM compatible concept to make developers easier and flourish the EVM ecosystem together. And it is time to apply these EVM compatible changes to BSC now.
There would be a dedicated matching BEP for each EIP since the behavior on BSC could be a little bit different mainly due to the difference of the consensus and economy design.


Thank you for the summary. It’s great to see BSC enhancing EVM compatibility by porting several EIPs. These changes will require adaptation but will ultimately benefit the BSC community, making development more seamless.

I’m excited about these upcoming upgrades and their positive impact on BSC.