BNB Chain Upgrades(Mainnet)

Some Ideas Or Wish List

  • Paralel EVM:
  • StateExpiry:
  • StateLess(Verkle):
  • Stable P2P Network:
  • Smaller Block Size: like compact block?
  • Modulize:
  • Robust Consensus:
  • Incentive Economy:
  • Simplified Protocol:
  • Decentralization:
  • Transparent Governance:
  • Maintainable Testnet:
  • Very Fast Sync:
  • Archive Service:
  • Recoverable DB: even force kill is ok.
  • Code Debt Clean Up: checkpoint and remove old hard forks
  • Like EIP-4444: Bound Historical Data in Execution Clients

Candidate Upgrade Name

  • John Snow:
  • Heinrich Hertz:
  • Maurice Wilkins
  • André-Marie Ampère
  • Fritz Haber

Welcome give suggestions to the name of the BNB upgrade, currently BNB Chain use people’s name, these who have great contribution to the human civiliazation.

Year Of 2023


Hertz(Berlin, London On BSC)

Height: TBD, Expect: Aug 2023
Candidates List:


Height: TBD, Expect: July-25-2023
Candidates List:


Height: 29020050, Expect: Jun-12-2023
Candidates List:


Height: 27281024, Expect: Apr-12th-2023
Candidates List:

Year Of 2022


Height 23846001, Date: Dec-12-2022


Height: 22107423, Date: Oct-12-2022

  • Fix the exploiter attack (emergency, no BEP)


Height: 21962149, Date: Oct-06-2022

  • Suspend CrossChain between BC & BSC due to the exploiter attack (emergency, no BEP)


Height: 18907621, Date: Jun-22-2022

Year Of 2021


Height: 13082000, Date: Nov-30-2021


Height: 5184000, Date: Feb-25-2021

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Could you elaborate more on the wishlist? Like for instance, what would be the advantage to support smaller block size?

I think we can create another post to introduce these wish list in detail.
But for this post, I hope it could be straightforward, no detail here

This is awsome!
I am excited I found this forum

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