Fork a private network with EIP-1559 support

BSC currently does not support EIP-1559 gas-fee market which has been available on main Ethereum since 2021 or so.

I’ve been considering spawning off a private network that turns on this feature and run some tests on it to examine the new gas-related behavior.

An initial study on this issue showed that the relevant EIP-1559 code is all present (I assume - synched from Ethereum main) and that only the relevant boolean flag needs to be raised (see TxPool.eip1559 in tx_pool.go)

Has anyone here done something similar and would care to share his findings, especially with regard to any additional configurations that might be needed for 1559 to work?


Here’s the guide on how to deploy private BSC network.

Thanks STdevK. Please note that my questions was about any potential issues/complexities in adding EIP-1559 support to the network

To my understanding, the BSC aims to provide a more affordable solution compared with ETH, and right now, the L2 has also come to BSC, I agree with you it is a good time to reconsider if the network need to enable the EIP1559.

yes huihzhao that could be.
now since BSC code contains all of the necessary EIP1559 code (taken from Ethereum) I assume it is possible to configure a private copy of the network to actually work in EIP1559 mode.

Do you know of anyone who had actually tried it?

As far as I know, no, but may I know what is the incentive for you to try the EIP-1559? Is it because the gas estimation? if you could elaborate more details, it would be very helpful for the community to evaluate the feasibility of enable this.