opBNB cross-chain interoperability powered by Rango

  1. Who is Rango?
    Rango is the first and ultimate on-chain & cross-chain swap DEXes and bridges aggregator, connecting +60 blockchains including EVMs, roll-ups and non-EVMs like Bitcoin and UTXOs, Cosmos-hub, Tron and Solana (Ton will be live soon). In addition to an aggregation layer where the most optimized routing logics and extra risk mitigations are implemented, Rango EVM V2 diamond smart contracts and non-EVM smart contracts/RPCs are also aggregated. Simply Rango enables secure cross-chain interoperability.

Rango is live from Aug 2021 with +2.3 $B successful swaps, audited by PeckShield.
+1M swaps, +140,000 unique wallets!

  1. What does Rango offer?
    Rango proposes to integrate opBNB and connect it to anywhere in DeFi. Users can benefit from faster and cheaper transactions with opBNB. By integrating opBNB into Rango, users across DeFi can trade and interact easily with its ecosystem. This integration could potentially increase liquidity and trading volume for opBNB. By highlighting the benefits and unique features of its protocols, Rango could help attract new users and investors to their ecosystem. This could foster its growth and adoption. The Rango exchange offers a reliable and efficient trading platform, combined with user-friendly features for novice and experienced traders, a deep pool of liquidities, and exceptional customer service. As Rango’s support is live 24/7, any malicious activity or exploited protocol will be immediately out of service through Rango aggregation layer so there have not been any fund losses for users to the moment.

  2. How Rango delivers its offer?
    Total requested amount : 50 $K
    a) R&D :
    Finding most optimized and secure deployment, 5 $K

b) Integration :
Integrating opBNB crucial bridges and on-chain networks + test and improvement, 15 $K

c) opBNB ecosystem fund :
Developing marketing campaigns to empower opBNB ecosystem protocols with cross-chain interoperability and users to interact with it, 30 $K

d) Lifetime support and upgrade, F.O.C.

Thanks for the proposal! However for the grants please apply through the BNB chain grant program, which you can find Builder Grant: A Grant for Blockchain Projects - BNB Chain