opBNB Roadmap Proposal (For Discussion)

Design Principles

  • High Performance and Low Cost: Prioritize scalability, transaction efficiency, and network responsiveness to support a growing ecosystem of dApps with extremely low cost.Target to achieve 10,000TPS and 10X cheaper.
  • AppChain Architecture: Embrace OPStack superchain technology to enable seamless interoperability with multiple Layer 2 solutions and expand the reach of opBNB.
  • Collaborative Community: Foster a vibrant and engaged community that actively contributes to the development, governance, and growth of the opBNB platform.

Key Goals

  1. Multiple node types (Archive node / Full node / Fast node)
  2. Enable PBSS
  3. Support op-reth
  4. Increase the capacity from 100M → 150M.
  5. Support blob carrying transaction of BSC(BEP336) to lower the opBNB L1 data cost
  6. Enable native gasless solution on opBNB
  7. Enable fault proof on opBNB testnet
  8. Enable custom gas token support


  • Q1 2024: Started design and development work of goals 1, 2, and 5
  • Q2 2024: Complete 1, 2 and 5, and start goals of 3,4,6,and 7.


Community Engagement

The opBNB community is a driving force behind the platform’s success. We recognize the immense potential of our community members to contribute not only to the development of dApps on opBNB but also to core chain technology innovations.


opBNB Core Chain

opBNB dApp Innovations