opBNB Roadmap Proposal (For Discussion)

Design Principles

  • High Performance and Low Cost: Prioritize scalability, transaction efficiency, and network responsiveness to support a growing ecosystem of dApps with extremely low cost.Target to achieve 10,000TPS and 10X cheaper.
  • AppChain Architecture: Embrace OPStack superchain technology to enable seamless interoperability with multiple Layer 2 solutions and expand the reach of opBNB.
  • Collaborative Community: Foster a vibrant and engaged community that actively contributes to the development, governance, and growth of the opBNB platform.

Key Features

  • High Performance

    • 200M gas limit per block

      • Increase the capacity of opBNB from 100M/Second to 200M/second to become the highest capacity of L2s. High capacity of opBNB can support on-chain games and high frequency DeFi with TPS 10,000.
  • Affordability - 10X Cheaper

    • Design the Data Availability layer of the opBNB on the BNB Smart Chain based on EIP4844 and BNB Greenfield, which aims to reduce the transaction cost 10x times than current level.
  • Secure and Scalability

  • Contribute to and embrace the Multiple Proof in OP Stack solution to provide a more flexible, secure proof for Optimistic Rollup.

  • Multiple node types (Archive node / Full node / Fast node)

Develop a variety of node types to cater to different users and applications. Archive nodes will store the entire blockchain history, while full nodes will store the latest state of the blockchain. Fast nodes will be designed for low-latency applications.

  • AppChain architecture based on the opBNB stack.

Create an App Chain architecture that can easily deploy multiple application specific L2 and connect them seamlessly. This will allow opBNB to scale to meet the demands of large scale applications with massive usages.

Q4 2023/2024 Q1 Milestones

  1. Multiple node types (Archive node / Full node / Fast node)

  2. Increase the capacity from 100M → 150M.

  3. Scalable DA with lower cost (BSC 4844 / Greenfield).

Community Engagement

The opBNB community is a driving force behind the platform’s success. We recognize the immense potential of our community members to contribute not only to the development of dApps on opBNB but also to core chain technology innovations.


opBNB Core Chain

opBNB dApp Innovations