Is Return NFT Marketplace possible?

Buying and returning merchandise if unsatisfied is quite common when shopping online in traditional ecommerce but with the NFT Marketplace, it doesn’t seem that common.

However, this can in fact be done transparently and automatically using smart contract.

We are building an NFT Marketplace to allow user can return NFT then get refund if they are not satisfied.
You can check it UI here
Contract: TransparentUpgradeableProxy | Address 0xf288C3076C022CE3d2c18C94d469C336b5D68603 | BscScan

Do you think user at this industry have demand about return NFT after purchase?

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In fact, it is not entirely clear why such a feature is needed. Maybe I am wrong, but in my opinion, if such an opportunity appeared in many markets, it would lead to unfair competition. For example competitor project can dump the price of concurrent project’s NFTs and generate much FUD about it, which will entail massive returns and the project will be completely ruined. With the existing system in such a case attacked weaker financial project with a working team in most cases successful restores its previous positions, &restoring investor confidence after some time.

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If u bought it…u keep it!
Its only fair to both parties
If u change ur mind john julian
Return the rest you took!