BNB Wallet is scam! why it steals all your deposits?

i get crazy
why always my balances get zero right after i deposit some bnb or other currency in my bnb wallet extension on chrome??
its sent to another address seconds after i deposit-.-

now i always have zero bnb and cant make any transaction anymore-.-
this is really a crazy app and bnb chain too.why cant change the currency or wallet address ??

now i cant harvest anymore on stakings too

its all lost!!
why i cant change the passwort in this app?

what to do now?

does have anyone the same problem???
what can i do???

probably your private key has been hacked. you should stopping using this wallet address and keep your keys safely

but i need this wallet for harvest the staking ;(( i need this walletaddress
my coin are lost if not

can give me someone zero bnb gas fees? i need transfer my things to a safe wallet

hello???why not anwer??

Hi there, Seems like your private key has been exposed. I would recommend you to stop using account though. However you can check here: Token Approvals | BscScan regarding all approvals by you and can review revoke as per your needs.
Lastly, With respect to mainnet funds, we can not assist you with that and in case you need testnet faucets, please checkout this link:

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why you cant help me in this case?? its your app not mine…
you need to do minor changes then in YOUR app then and make it more secure and do it that you can pay the gas fee with another currency or that it get deducted…
bcs when you have ZERO bnb then you cant pay any gas fees right?

and i need to use that account because i staked some nft there, and i need to harvest it
also only with that account…also because YOU programm YOUR app like that…
so then change it that i can harvest my staked nfts with another wallet too…
or set the gas fee for bnb chain to 0 that i can safe my funds…

thats it

i cant believe its hacked because i didnt share the private key to anyone…

and someone in a review of your app said this:

"Created a new Wallet and Send some BNB from Binance to it. Six seconds after receiving a seconds unapproved transaction yeetet my hole money/crypto to an unknown wallet…

Even burning money takes longer."

you read it? CREATED A NEW WALLET…
how can a new wallet been hacked direclty? without know the private key…
so its really for me a error or bug in that bnb chain and not a hack…

when i get a solution for thsi problem???

I have the same problem, this took place on 15/06/2023
My Binance Extension Wallet , not even 5 minutes where the funds in my wallet
and they where taken out and not by me.
There No support for this wallet , why don’t they introduce the authentication app into this wallet.
Sorry Chaps but this is disgusting , it killing me the loss of these funds and all that says is sorry.
I am the only one who knows my wallet private key and seed . This is the first time I used this wallet

You may visit here ( to revoke the malicious permission on your wallet.