Explore the Tool Here to Monitor the whole BNB Chain!

Hello Community Members,

The Web3Go team is thrilled to introduce an invaluable tool that allows you to monitor the entire Binance Smart Chain’s vital information, with a particular focus on the BNB token’s burn rate and circulating supply.
Explore the Tool Here: BnbGasMonitor
Key Takeaways:

  1. BNB Supply : The initial BNB supply started at 200 million, and Binance’s CEO, CZ, has a clear vision to reduce it to 100 million. If Binance continues to thrive and the crypto industry remains strong, there’s a high likelihood that BNB will experience deflation and appreciate in value over time.
  2. Burned BNB: As of now, an impressive 47 million BNB tokens have already been burned. This leaves us with a circulating supply of approximately 150 million BNB.
  3. EIP-95 Proposal: In an intriguing move, CZ requested that 10% of the gas consumed on the BNB chain be forcibly burned. This action essentially translates to destroying 10% of the profits earned by validators. This proposal, known as EIP-95, signifies a significant commitment to reducing the overall supply of BNB.
  4. Projected Burn: Based on current burn rates and calculations, we anticipate that BNB will reach its target of 100 million tokens by around 2026. This timeline offers an exciting perspective on the future of BNB.

Explore the tool and share your thoughts with us on this exciting journey.


Love the UI of this one.

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Looks great :smiley::+1: Love the design :star_struck:

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Thanks, hope you enjoy it.

Thanks, hope you enjoy it and our other product.