Data Managenent in BNB Greenfield with APIs

Hi , I am new to BNB Greenfield trying to integrate Greenfield’s Storage service in my project’s java backend. So that I have been searching around for APIs I can use to upload and delete files in my Greenfield Dcellar bucket. Does anyone know anything about this? All inputs are welcomed.


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Hi , In the BNB Greenfield docs (, I found various APIs related to Greenfield. Could you guide me on which APIs to use for uploading files to the BNB Greenfield testnet?
if there isn’t any Kindly mention API I can use to upload file to BNB Greenfield testnet from JAVA spring boot backend.

Additional info on my projcet:
I am currently working on a project that involves leveraging the BNB Greenfield testnet chain for file storage, with the backend implemented in Java Spring Boot. I am reaching out to seek guidance on integrating Greenfield for both file upload and download processes. Specifically, I would like to inquire about the availability of APIs for these functionalities or if there are alternative solutions you recommend.

Here are my specific queries:

File Upload APIs:
In the BNB Greenfield documentation (, I found various APIs related to Greenfield. Could you please guide me on which APIs are suitable for uploading files to the BNB Greenfield testnet?. If not, kindly provide relevant APIs I can work with.

Storage Replacement:
I am exploring the possibility of using the BNB Greenfield testnet as a storage solution to replace IPFS in my project. Could you provide insights into the feasibility of this approach?

with this I believe it will be easier to answer my queries.
I have attached the Architecture details and relevant issues of my project for your reference. Your assistance on these matters would be immensely valuable.

Now I’m working on creating a REST API in Node.js. Uploading files using the Greenfield JS SDK is successful, but when I attempt the same with Express.js in my custom API, it fails. Any help or reference code/examples would be appreciated.


  • npm 10.2.5
  • node v18.17.0

I have Attached the files I am working on below.

fileupload.js: fileupload.js - Google Docs

fileserver.js (API): fileuploadAPI.js - Google Docs