<Idea> MEV For All Validators on BNB Chain

To ensure further decentralization and allowing BNB Chain to grow better organically, there is a need to allow MEV to flourish amongst validators. A balanced and inclusive DeFi ecosystem promotes the right MEV behaviors.

Thanks bloXroute for the earlier highlight.

To put it simply now the situation now on BSC -

  1. Only few validators are capable or doing MEV extraction.
  2. MEV captured results in higher APY which encourages delegation to certain validators, resulting in centralization.
  3. BSC community are unsure whether to push ahead with MEV; some validators lack technical expertise to extract MEV.
  4. Cost of running a validator could be high without MEV to improve profitability.

If BNB Chain is to remain credible as a PoS chain, it has to allow MEV to flourish across BSC. There is a need for the BSC community to come together and share knowledge on MEV solutions. The possibility of collaboration with reliable 3rd party services should be considered and verified. For a chain like BNB Chain to stay competitive, sustainable and equitable, MEV extraction is an unavoidable development component.

In Ethereum, MEV is very mature mechanism and services to protect the users and introduce more revenues for the validators. At the same time, several critical providers like Flashbots/BloxRoutes are providing very solid service now. https://mevboost.pics/
Based on the report of MEV Outlook 2023 | Research | EigenPhi, I believe, it is necessary to work with top players in ethereum to introduce MEV soon.