July 2023 PERPLAY Highlights and Recap

Incredible July 2023 Highlights at PERPLAY!

July has been an absolutely extraordinary month for PERPLAY! We’ve been on an unstoppable journey, redefining the gaming industry with groundbreaking achievements and significant milestones.

Here’s a quick recap of the action-packed July:

:white_check_mark:Released Video teasers of the PERPLAY app

  • Demonstrating the app’s concept of making any game play-to-earn (p2e)
  • Showcasing the process of breeding PERPLAY NFTs within the app
  • Unveiling the unboxing experience of PERPLAY NFTs

:white_check_mark:Partnership Announcement between PERPLAY and Miracle Play
:white_check_mark:PERPLAY’s Next Journey, our Pre-Open Beta Test
:white_check_mark:Uncover the Privileges of being a PERPLAY Genesis NFT Owners
:white_check_mark: Registration for PERPLAY’s Pre-OBT
:white_check_mark:Whitepaper Update particularly on Level Up and Power
:white_check_mark:Partnership Announcement between PERPLAY and Lillius
:white_check_mark:PERPLAY attended WebX 2023 conference in Tokyo
:white_check_mark:Exclusive AMA with PERPLAY Team Leader, Mr. June Kim
:white_check_mark:Private Test Schedule and Guidelines for PERPLAY’s Genesis NFT Owners
:white_check_mark:PERPLAY’s 2nd NFT Snapshot Event

The journey has just begun, and we promise to keep pushing the boundaries of Game and Earn Journey. Stay tuned on Discord for more thrilling updates as we have Pre-Open Beta Test this August! Let’s continue to revolutionize the gaming experience together! :purple_heart: