Feedback -- BEP218: Proof of the Effective Majority Staked

Github : BEP218 Proof of the Effective Majority Staked

The POEMS proposal advocates for the redelegation of Beacon BNB staked funds to BSC and a transition to “Proof of Effective Majority Staked,” which would enable DAOs to authorize contracts and merge networks under a super authority, incentivizing them by allowing them to append blocks for network spend approval, and leading to a new approach to network policies on the chain.

We are looking for community feedback in the following areas :

  1. POEMS Validator and DAO Economics
  2. POEMS implementation & Design
  3. Avoiding Decentralized Organized Crime

The rationale for this proposal was inspired by Coinbase, Base layer 1. Their team had agree’d that POEM’s pre-draft was a possible solution for the Base chain’s design.

Author : Dylan Kawalec

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Such a hefty change to the protocol requires very several big advantages, which would overshadow all the work to be done to transition as well as account for possible new bugs and security vulnerabilities.

From your perspective, what would be the main advantages of the BEP? What currently cannot be done but will be possible after the proposal is implemented?

  1. To add delegated liquidity
  2. To allow a type cast Multisig to be elected as a DAO under specific preconditions to stake to delegated liquidity.

This would be the only major change, and it’s meant to extend proof of authority stake, by adding a separate staking incentive for voters.

How would “delegated liquidity” help (a) users, (b) validators, (c) the overall community?