Connecting Trezor to BNB Chain


I am trying to connect my trezor to BNBChain to access the wallet created by Trezor in order to access my BEP2 BNB on the DEX.

Previously there has been no issues, i click Connect Trezor, input my secret passphrase and goes into the DEX holding my BEP2 BNB, however now it is telling me “Connect v8 is deprecated. Please ask your DeFi platform/wallet developers (not Trezor) to update to Connect v9.”

I cannot access my wallet via the BNBChain org/unlock - Is there V9 on its way soon or what is an alternative to access the Trezor BNBChain wallet?

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will look into this.

I’m also trying to connect my TREZOR to bnbchain dex but there is no option anymore, only ledger seems to be supported… Is there a reason for this ? Is this being addressed ? Thanks a lot for your help !

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I have the exactly same problem and I am just wondering if there is anyone know what to do with this problem and I posted a Discord and Telegram DM but still no answers?

I am not sure that was legit or scam but I would like to let everyone knows someone is asking to enter my Private Key online which it must not if they are not scammer…

Email came from Thinking 2709 vis Build N Build Forum
Asked me to go to and Ticket ID was SLIM83h94
On top right there is CONNECT to click to choose wallet
But no Ledger or Trezor T exist
Asked to click other options that goest to entering the Private Key of Wallet

Whoever this is for, This is not right for me…

Just for your Information

Hello, has anyone figured out how to connect the Trezor to Bnb chain to access the tokens on the DEX? The issue regarding only showing option for ledger now.

Still no solution, is this being addressed ? Are there any workarounds ? My BNB’s are stored in my trezor and I cannot retrieve them since trezor device seems not to be suported anymore…