Cannot transfer USDT tokens and the related value to other wallets, only the token number, why is this?

I created an ethereum account in the Binance wallet and loaded with Tether USD. Though the Tether symbol is not the same as the original USDT. I want to transfer these USDT to another wallet e.g. Coinbase, but only the number of tokens got transferred and not the related value. The transacted tokens therefore got lost. Why is this the value not transferred and what do I need to to to keep the value during transfer?

Do you have txid? What’s the contract address for Tether USD?

The Token Address is 0x6a54F3612C904f2F62BBF3ADaB4B37C8FCDf389A
and its Contract address is 0x3fd00986d198088704e264c80a275ab7512e78c1

I suppose the transfer txn is this right? Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan. This is not real USDT, if you transfer to CEX like Coinbase, they definitely won’t accept it as it is a fake token.

Yes, that transaction is right, I tried to transfer 100 USDT which were not accepted by Coinbase. That is what I feared - a fake token! Anything I can do about?

If not the related contract adress is a scam and relates to WW Brokers who were organising this transfer to Binance via 0x3fd00986d198088704e264c80a275ab7512e78c1.

Is there any warning or control that can be initiated for any transfers related to the above account?

Thanks for you help!! Much appreciated.

Sorry it actually happened on Ethereum. BNB Chain can’t do much on other chains. I suggest going to Ethereum related forum to raise this.

OK thank you, Isaac!!