Building App and smart contract to interact with device

I am struggling to figure out what smart contract is required for a project I am working on

Token created
Created a device to sent data to blockchain via Api through OEM App

Need smart contract to interact with the data to then reward the user in token

and a smart contract to share the data with the dashboard

smart contract to show the location of a device on the world map

I am happy to discuss the project further details

Based on your description, it seems like you’ll need several smart contracts that perform different functions. Here’s a general overview:

  1. Token Smart Contract: You’ll need an ERC20 smart contract for creating your token. This contract will handle the minting, transferring, and managing of your token.

  2. Data Interaction Smart Contract: This contract will interact with the data sent by the device. It will contain functions to validate the data and then reward the user with tokens. You can use events in your smart contract to trigger these token transfers.

  3. Data Sharing Smart Contract: This contract will manage the access and sharing of data with your dashboard. It could include functions to get the current state of the data and events that update whenever the data changes.

  4. Location Tracking Smart Contract: This contract will manage the location of the device. It will need to interact with an oracle to get real-world location data onto the blockchain.

Remember that you should consider the gas costs associated with interacting with these contracts, as every function call and data storage operation costs gas on the BSC network. Also, ensure to follow best security practices when designing your contracts.

Please note that writing and deploying smart contracts require a high level of expertise as they handle real value and can’t be modified once deployed. If you’re not confident in doing it yourself, consider hiring a professional Solidity developer or a blockchain development firm.

For the actual code, you could use OpenZeppelin’s contracts as a starting point. They provide secure, tested and community-audited code for ERC20 tokens and other common smart contract patterns.


Thanks for giving me some guidance, Actually I want to use the Binance Blockchain to support my project.

I am actually in need of a Dapp and Smart Contract Dev to Join Our project we have been through about 10 so-called devs but they struggled to understand the Project fully.

Can you guide me toward a dev team or where I can find a dev with experience with Dapps and Smart contracts deployment?