BUG with BNB staking

Hey all, I have an issue with unstaking my BNB.

I’m staking BNB via Trust Wallet app version 8.5.3

  • 05/11/2022 I changed validator from TW Staking to Legend III
  • 08/03/2023 I changed validator from Legend III to Legend IV

But in my app it results that I’m still staking with Legend III validator. I found it out when I tried to unstake BNB and get error “Transaction error. No delegation for this (address, validator) pair.”. I get the same error when I try to redelegate to another validator. When I try to unstake or redelegate TW app doesn’t let me choose any validator except Legend III. After contacting TW support team tried following:

  • I have uninstalled the application completely and reinstalled it.
  • I have installed my wallet on other Android and iOS phones.
  • I tried other locations/hotspot
  • I tried manual node settings. Tried to unstake choosing each node manually.
  • When I unstake, the app does not allow me to select anyone other than Legend III. Screenrecord: Screenrecorder-2023-07-08-00-23-08-444.mp4 - Google Drive
  • When I redelegate, the app does not allow me to select anyone other than Legend III. Screenrecord: Screenrecorder-2023-07-11-08-29-19-745.mp4 - Google Drive
  • I always have the latest version of the application installed on my phone.

None of these steps helped me. After that TW support team wrote me: We have checked this with our devs, and it appears the issue is with a bug on the binance chain. Please reach out to their support to get further assistance.

On discord I explained the problem to Lyon, he asked me to try the following:

  • Connect your wallet via the Binance Wallet Extension.
  • If you don’t currently use that, please download it and import your same wallet as per the one you are using via Trust wallet app.
  • See if the website shows anything different than the Trust wallet app, with regards to where your staked BNB are and whether you can unstake it from the respecitive Validator you are currently stake to

I got same error. Lyon told me that he will reach the team and will come back with feedback, but it seems that he doesn’t work any more on discord channel.

Can anyone help me to unstake my BNB?

Do share your Discord ID to follow up on your request