BSC Mainnet and Testnet Node Update

BNB Smart Chain devs should know, that now BSC mainnet Nodes updated to the v1.10.18 and
BSC testnet Nodes are updated to the v1.10.17. Check them out

Binance Chain is “the home net” of BNB tokens. But due to cross-chain communications, they are also accepted in BNB Smart Chain. Speaking of nodes, there are two types of them in BSC:
Witness Node. Their functions in PoSA algorithm:

  • participating in the consensus processing;
  • keeping datasets in a consistent state;
  • participating in distributed transactions;
  • redirecting transactions to other BSC nodes;
  • extending the chain characteristics and states around the whole net.

Most nodes in Binance blockchains are Witness.

Validator Node. It’s a group that validates all the transactions inside the blockchain. Originally, there were only 21 validators in BSC — node owners with special privileges, Binance community favourites. In the future, there will be more of them. But for running this type of node, special permission is required.

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